A good day’s work means three pair of fabricated earrings and three beaded necklaces. Then one takes pictures, posts them, copies and pastes BUT ME buttons et voila, one is in business. Maybe. The economy being what it is, jewelry is not uppermost in the mind od the average West Virginian. If a visit to the grocery store is an indication of the state of the union, why, it is grim. Last Friday,during the two hours it took to do our stocking up for the entire month, we saw one shopper smile. This predominance of frowns is new to our area. We are pretty laid back, resilient folks in West Virginia, so what is going on?
There is something missing these days. It is as if the hope Barack Obama talks about is in abeyance. How could it not when all one hears from the McCain-Palin camp is lies and the worst kind of ad hominem attacks on the opposition? Nowhere do MCainPalin handlers mention what they are going to do about, say. the price of chicken, which risen dramatically since the cost of fuel went up.
Grocery shopping is about survival, but is also about comfort and celebration. One buys food because one must, but often one also buys it with the idea of enjoying a good meal, of sharing it with one’s family and one’s neighbors, and with the hope pf celebrating a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary. Hopeful shoppers chitchat, smile, tell jokes. Unhappy shoppers brood and in West Virginia we have much to brood about. We are a gun and God state. That is, the majority of us vote out of fear that a liberal Democrat will take away our Bibles and our guns. The rest of vote for liberal Democrats or not at all. At the moment we seem to brood collectively about the lack of direction in our leadership. Though the gun and God crowd will not admit it, we all a bit scared about our uncertain future. Sarah Palin’s lies do not comfort any of us when we get to the checkout counter.