Another day, another mezuzah case. Hard work, setting bits of old china in a curved surface. Soldering is not my favorite activity. There it is, the though, the project, nearly finished. There are rewards–someone close to my heart brings me lunch of roasted chicken, french bread and chocolate. Later in the evening, Junior arrives with truffles. We talk of Obama’s relationship with George Clooney and Brzinsky. Will they influence his policy towards Israel? One of Junior’s coworkers says that the US should not support Israel because it is a theocracy. Junior holds
her ground.
“Would Hamas be beter,” she asks.
We talk about the tragedy of Palestinian people whose worst enemies are Islamic extremists . The latter andwar profiteers exploit the current state of affairs for personal gain. Yet some Americans say that “we should have more balance on the Middle East” to mean that Israel should not be helped in its struggle againts jihadists. How very simplistic. Peace is possible. It will happen when the Palestinians have a leader of Sadat’s stature and vision. I hope to live to see it.