I have to give your handlers credit–they are cunning, the rascals. What better way to save you from the shame of having your opponent mop the floor with you during a debate on foreign policy than to cancel it? Well, not just cancel it, but cancel it for the noblest reason–to help the American people. Yo McCain, I don’t buy it. If you care so much about the American people how come you let the country get into this mess? You are the Country Firster right? By the way, what the hell does Country first mean? What is country if not its people? Did I hear you say people first? If you said so, to whom did you refer, the Keating Five, the lobbyists, the multimillionaires you are about to rescue with our tax dollars? I don’t buy it. You chickened out, Vietnam hero that you won’t let us forget that you are.
At first glance you seem to have painted Obama into a corner. Had he insisted on the debate you could have said that he was unpatriotic, right. Guess what, it takes more than trickery to stop somebody like Obama. It takes more than trickery to convince those of us who plan to vote for him that you are a better choice. So fib, run out on a fair fight, trot out the tragedy of 9/11 to gain our sympathy. It won’t work. You and Caribou Barbie may win by trickery. It has happened before. You will never win my respect.