It is not a pretty invertebrate to behold. Hugely fat, it oozes over sidewalks, leaving behind a trail of slime. When it finds something to damage–a fragile plant, for example–it begins to nibble at it with its little denticles. It should have a heck of a of a sex life, being hermaphrodite, but sometimes, it can only detach itself from its partner by chewing its genitalia.

The slugs in moist, damp places. It eats rubbish and carrion,in addition to feeding on green plants. Gardeners troubled by this slimy creature can take comfort in knowing that it has predators and that it cannot resist beer.
It hides from the sun, preferring murky hideaways such as drainpipes. It is usceptible to salt and ashes eventually bring about its demise. Ducks, turtles and birds are effective predators of this repulsive creature. Humans should avoid it at all costs, due to its poisonous nature.The USDA reccomends that If ingested, one must vomit immediately.” That should not be a problem. The very sight of it is enough to induce nausea on the viewer.