This morning, a pair of goldfinches attracted by thistles a resident of historic Shepherdstown failed to zap with Round Up, had a good nosh on the thistle seed bar. That happend near the little park soon to be the site of a series of sticky and sweet rock’n’roll concerts. So far the municipality has yet to issue a fatwa on thistles, but hey, everything is possible, n’est-ce pas? I mean, look at who calls the shots. Not a single greeny in the lot.

I hope the finches are packing ear plugs since the village’s noise ordinance isn’t worth diddly. Please note that once upon a time there was an EPA noise ordinance in place–yes, I repeat myself. It is unAmerican to be silent in face of bad government–but it mysteriously disappeared. What is this, pre-democracy Argentina?The replacement ordinance probably would not stand legal scrutiny. No one is challenging it yet. The municipal administration continues to sock it to the environment while its PR machine sets up a Potemkin village for the benefit of moneyed tourists.
Peron lives.