Uninterrupted talk can tire both the talker and the listener. Hence the beauty of pauses. In previous posts I talked of town doings and of paunchy buffoons who seek to fill their empty with venomous babble. Then I lost a beloved friend whose presence had enriched my life for thirty some years. I cannot write about her yet. The loss is too recent, the wound is too raw. It is my great good fortune to have a small circle of tried and true friends who help me endure grief with as sensitively as they share my moments of joy. Chief among them is my biological sister, a gifted woman who has transitioned gracefully from practicing law to writing. She, my daughter, another literarily inclined lawyers well as two lawyers of the non-literary variety.
There is no question that lawyers make great friends. Tilting at legal windmills sharpens their minds and talking juries into right wrongs gives them a chance to see problems from many angles. Really good lawyers see all the angles with understanding and compassion.
The predominance of lawyers in my little circle is coincidental. Some of my best beloved are academics, journalists, farmers, scientists, writers and the undecided. What they have in common is huge hearts, ethical thinking and enviable values. Compared to such good fortune, what are the barbs of pitiful provincial buffoons? Onward, then. Da cappo. Allegro man troppo for now, but in time allegretto. Hello again. Thanks for popping in.