Danish puffy pancakes (aebleskiver), prosecco, bubbly cranberry juice and orange chocolates– sweet treats  to welcome the New Year.
There is snow on the ground and freezing rain in the weather forecast.  Neither is cause for alarm. Unusual as  a wind chill of 12 F is, in this part of the country it will not stop us from welcoming the New Year with  a dinner of wild mushroom soup and  homemade muffin-sized pizzas.
We will toast 2010 with prosecco, blood orange frizzante and sparkling cranberry juice and Danish pancakes (aebleskiver).  We will replace our traditional viewing of Die Fledermaus with a Russian biopic of Tchaikovsky.  If we feel peckish between dinner  and breakfast, we have pistachios, dark chocolate with orange filling and crystallized ginger good friends brought from the Bahamas.
If we cannot sleep after a doppio espresso, we have a hefty history of the Ukraine to keep us company. We will make no resolutions except to live well, read mindfully  and love well.