Reading the news on the net is such sweet sorrow. This morning, I blundered upon “A Nation  of Nicompoops”, a virulent attack on  the Obama administration by a  Alex Massie,  whose creds include having written  for a publication called The Scotsman.  Dissing Americans must boost his hits, but  so many British writers seem make a profession of feeling superior to us crass colonials I wonder what would happen if they were forced to write objectively about American politics. Massie spent a whole five years in Washington DC and perhaps this qualifies him for punditry. In my opinion, it should  qualify him  to be  the local dog catcher. That would free him from the onerous task of having to write about cricket–his political blathering is anything but  cricket. Personally, I would like to import him to our little burg and let him run the dog pound. Unfortunately,  Little Macondo by DC has its share of  homegrown underemployed nincompoops competing for the post. The addition of a a British cricket writer to its number is something up with which they probably  would  not put.