Congressman Bart  Stupak, D-Michigan,  has just written a column for The Washington Post defending has stand on health care reform. No doubt has adopted many unwanted babies. This how interpreted what he had to say, “I voted for health care reform in order  to keep women from being able to choose whether or not to have an abortion. In the very least, if they choose to have an abortion they will do it on their own dime.”
That’s lovely. Here I thought that he cared about  Americans whose health is at risk because they cannot pay exorbitant insurance premiums. But no, his vote was all about  limiting women’s choices. I assume that  the congressman has adopted umpteen HIV positive and drug addicted children,  as well as children whose mothers were raped. He no doubt will divert funds from the military to pay for the care and feeding of unwanted children. That sort of thing.   He cannot possibly be one of these anti-choice people whose compassion only applies to the unborn– those folks who are anti-choice, but who foam at the mouth when others protest against ca[ital punishment.
The congressman’s column is attempt  to get back into the good graces of his anti-choice constituents. apparently it only they who matter to him and the hell with the rest of the country. I find that  his reason to vote for health care reform is less than admirable. Essentially he is no different from so many other politicians who wish to inflict their religious views on the American public. Shame on him.