These angel-skin pink freshwater pearls have great luster and at 9 mm, they are unusually large. Matched with 6 mm pearls and a handmade fine silver bead–one of Anne Choi’s exquisite creations, they are treasure for the thrifty pearl lover. The bead is inscribed with the Spanish proverb, “Of soup and love, the first is best.” The necklace measures 20 inches and it has a sterling silver clasp. $ 135 Please see the Annne Choi beads above. You may select either of them as a focal bead for this necklace.

Forget me not and the words, “Tho absent, ever dear.”

“A thousand kitty kisses.” Socks, a cat from the Netherlands.

“I’ll give my jewels for a string of beads.” Shakespeare.

Anne Choi beads to be used as a pendant for the pearls necklace shown below. On the left, Anne Bradstreet’s, “If ever two were one, surely we.” On the right, Emerson’s “Heaven is large and affords space for all modes of love and fortitude.” The third bead, my favorite, the Biblical “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers.” Please note the angelic feathers on this bead. They are a good example of Choi’s flawess carftsmanship.

You may select either of the beads above as as a focal bead for the pearl necklace.